SVS 2015 conference program available now

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One month from now, the Sixth Annual SVS conference, “Thinking With The Church, Thinking With The Vineyard” will be happening at Blue Route Vineyard in Media, PA. If you have not yet registered, there are still tickets available.

Register today at

This conference will be a fabulous feast for mind and heart. There are plenary talks from Stanley Hauerwas (on eschatological ecclesiology), Mark Gornik, Carrie Myers, and Maria Liu Wong (on theological education, spiritual formation, and church planting in 21st century cities), and Rose Madrid-Swetman (on speaking the truth in love). There are long-form talks from Michael Raburn (on the prophetic theology of Don Williams), and Mary-Catherine Brown (on a kingdom rethink of multiethnic churches). There is a panel on Vineyard hermeneutics with Beth Stovell, Brittany Kim, and Matt Croasmun including Peter Enns as a conversation partner, and a panel on visual art and Vineyard liturgy with artists Eoin Burke, Tracie Cheng, Andrew Hendrixson, and Elisa Berry Fonseca, including Andy Crouch as a conversation partner. There are multi-session tracks on education and ecclesiology… and I’m just getting started describing the abundance of the program this year.

(Did I mention worship with David Ruis and Sarah Elmer, and ministry led by Mike Turrigiano and Robin Morrison?!)

Suffice it to say, we are prayerfully expecting a hugely stimulating and spiritually renewing time.

Conference Program

We are thrilled to let you know that a nearly-final draft of the SVS 2015 Conference Program is now available.

Download the Conference Program here.

Beyond the stunning abundance of awesomeness detailed above, there are two new things that you will want to particularly note in the program this year.

First, each session on the program has a live link to an online discussion board in the SVS forum. This is the place for SVS members to continue the discussion of every paper and panel after the conference is over. In some cases, the discussions may begin a few days in advance of the conference, with pre-distributed papers.

Second, we are trying a new format this year — the SVS “Seminar.” Papers being presented in the SVS Seminar are ones that we think will be most profitably interacted with in a small group discussion setting. To best facilitate this environment, the Program Committee has decided you must pre-register to participate in the seminars. We are capping the signups at 10 people. The link to the Google Form for signup is in the conference program.

If there’s a seminar that you really want to attend, sign up today!

Some Local Hosts Available for SVS 2015

We have been blessed with a small handful of families willing to host people who need help with their lodging costs for SVS 2015. If you feel you are unable to afford a hotel, please write to and request a host family assignment. We will place you with a family if there is one available.

If, on the other hand, you can afford a hotel — please don’t request a host! We only have a few slots, and we need to use them carefully. Thanks!