Join SVS

Why join the Society of Vineyard Scholars?

  • Excellent, Diverse Scholarship
    Papers and plenary sessions represent the best of contemporary scholarship from a wide variety of fields and academic institutions.
  • Constructive Critical Dialogue
    An environment for frank, charitable, critical dialogue among friends. No subject is off-limits!
  • Vibrant Intellectual Community
    A great place to build lasting, productive relationships with Vineyard-connected scholars who share your interests.
  • Spiritually Encouraging
    A uniquely encouraging environment for scholars who find their intellectual and spiritual lives to be deeply connected.

Becoming a member will allow you to enjoy a variety of membership benefits, such as access to digital copies of SVS papers, access to the SVS membership database, early notification of SVS activities, etc.

How to join

Joining the Society of Vineyard Scholars is a simple process.

  1. Sign in to the SVS Discussion Forum.
    • If you are new to SVS, click Register in the forum’s menu to create an account. Registration on the forum is free.
  2. In the forum’s menu, select Profile » Paid Subscriptions.
  3. Select the appropriate membership type for you and click the Order button.

Once the transaction has completed successfully, you will have access to all the membership benefits the Society offers, including the members-only areas and features of our website.

All financial transactions are processed securely using PayPal, and the funds are transferred to Vineyard USA’s accounts.

Membership types

SVS currently offers three types of membership:

  1. SVS Annual Membership — $50
  2. SVS Annual Membership for Students — $30
  3. SVS Annual Membership for Retirees — $30

All memberships last for one year from the date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join SVS?

Do I have to be in the Vineyard to join SVS?

Do I have to be a member of SVS to attend the Annual Conference? To present a paper?

What are the academic credentials required to present a paper at the Annual Conference?

Are there any scholarships available for the Annual Conference?