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Hello, SVS presenters!

Thank you all for making SVS 2017, "Seeking the Kingdom, Tilling the Vineyard," such a wonderful event.

Each year we like to make digital copies of the conference papers available for download by members of the Society of Vineyard Scholars. This is a great way to increase dialogue and interaction with your work even after the conference itself is over. Below you will find simple instructions for how to post your paper, some information for special cases, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

How to post a paper (or other document)

The process to post your paper is simple and straightforward. There are four simple steps to follow:

  • Sign in here on the forum, if you aren't already signed in.
  • Go to the SVS 2017 Papers & Presentations board
  • Click on the orange "New Topic" button.
  • Enter the necessary information as shown below. When everything looks good to you, click the "Post" button.

    Enter the title of your paper in the Subject field. The maximum length is 80 characters, so you may need to truncate your title to fit.

    If you want to add extra comments about your paper besides the abstract, feel free to add them at the end of the post.

    To attach the document itself, expand the "Attachments and other options" list below the text entry box and then click the "Choose file" button to select your document file.

Text-based document formats

We highly recommend that you attach your paper in PDF format. That way you can be sure that your document will look the same to your readers as it does on your own computer. If you post your document in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice formats, we will convert it to PDF for you, but we cannot guarantee that the final PDF will be formatted the way you intended. Both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice can export directly to PDF, so it should be easy for you to create a PDF version that looks exactly the way you intended.

Other document formats (e.g. images, audio, video)

Image, sound, and video files can be attached to posts. However, in some cases the size of such files may exceed the normally permitted maximum. If this affects you, please contact Jon Stovell so that he can assist you with posting your files.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I upload my paper, who will be able to download it?

Uploaded papers are only available to members of the Society of Vineyard Scholars whose dues are up to date. They cannot be accessed by the general public.

If I upload my paper, does that mean SVS claims copyright over it? Can I still publish it elsewhere?

Your work remains entirely yours. SVS makes no claims over it and places no restrictions on what you do with it.

Am I required to post my paper?

It is not required, though it is highly encouraged. If you opt not to post your work, the rest of us will be disappointed, but we'll respect that decision.

I already submitted my paper to you. Can you just post it on my behalf?

Presenters often want to make final revisions before posting a paper online, so we give you time to do that. If you haven't posted your paper within one month from the end of the conference, we'll contact you to see what you want to do. If we don't receive any reply from you within six weeks from the end of the conference, we will assume that you want us to post on your behalf the most recent version of the paper we have available to us (if any). If you reply to say that you want more time to complete revisions, or that you prefer not to post your paper, we will respect that decision.

Can I post further updates to my paper, or take it down from the website later?

The system is designed to give you maximum control over your paper. You can replace or remove it at any time.