The Kingdom of God, Community and Digital Media: From Theory to Best Practice

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While for millennia the most natural conceptualization of where we find ourselves has perhaps been the City as a community of locality, other types of community, such as the Internet community (a community of mind according to Tonnies', 1912, definitions) are likewise where we find ourselves. This paper examines the overlap of communities and sets a theoretical basis from which to see the expansion of the Kingdom and the overlap of Internet communities, local communities and the community of the Kingdom. This paper attempts to recognize what the Vineyard movement has done well so far in our usage of digital media and proceeds to discuss best practices for how we can more aggressively contribute to Kingdom Expansion through our use of the Internet Community.

The full paper is attached to this post.

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Mike Mahan and Sean Pomory. The Kingdom of God, Community and Digital Media - From Theory to Best Practice.pdf